Statistics. Basic principles (Natalia Shyriaieva)

001. Preface
002. The Importance of Statistics
003. Statistical Observation: Forms and Types
004. Basic Definitions
005. The Importance of Sampling
006. The Functions of Statistics
007. Levels of Measurements
008. Chapter Checklist
009. Describing data sets. Organization and grouping. Introduction. Methods of Organizing Data
010. Frequency Distributions
011. Class Intervals and Midpoints
012. Cumulative Frequency Distributions
013. Relative Frequency Distributions
014. Cumulative Relative Frequency Distribution
015. Contingency Tables (Cross-Tabulations or Cross-Tabs)
016. Pictorial Displays
017. Stem – And – Leaf Designs
018. Chapter Checklist 2
019. Measures of central tendency and dispersion. Introduction
020. Measures of Central Tendency for Ungrouped Data
021. The Geometric Mean
022. Measures of Central Tendency for Grouped Data
023. Selecting the Appropriate Measure of Central Tendency
024. Measures of Dispersion for Ungrouped Data
025. Variance and the Standard Deviation for a Population
026. Variance and the Standard Deviation for a Sample
027. Calculating the Variance and Standard Deviation with Grouped Data
028. Other Measures of Dispersion
029. Common Uses for the Standard Deviation
030. The Normal Distribution and the Empirical Rule
031. Skewness and Coefficient of Variation
032. Chapter Checklist 3
033. Рrobability distributions. Principles of Probability
034. Probability Approaches
035. Relationships between Events
036. Unions, Intersections and Venn Diagrams
037. Frequency Tables and Probability Tables
038. Two Rules of Probability
039. Baye’s Rule and Conditional Probability
040. Probability Distributions
041. The Mean and the Variance of Discrete Random Variables
042. The Binomial Distribution
043. The Poisson Distribution
044. The Hypergeometric Distribution
045. The Uniform Distribution
046. The Exponential Distribution
047. Chapter Checklist 4
048. Sampling distributions: an introduction to inferential statistics. Introduction
049. The Mean of the Sample Means
050. The Standard Error of the Sampling Distributions
051. The Standard Error and Normality
052. The Central Limit Theorem
053. Using the Sample Distribution
054. Types of Samples
055. Chapter Checklist 5
056. Estimation/ Introduction
057. Тhe Principle of a Confidence Interval
058. The Probability of Error–The Alpha Value
059. Confidence Intervals for the Population Mean – Large Samples
060. Confidence Intervals for the Population Mean – Small Samples
061. Confidence Intervals for Population Proportions
062. Controlling the Interval Width
063. Adjusting the Level of Confidence
064. Adjusting the Sample Size
065. Determining the Sample Size
066. Sample Size for the population mean
067. Sample Size for intervals of population proportion π
068. Properties of Good Estimators
069. Chapter Checklist 6
070. Simple regression and correlation analysis. Introduction